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Hackers are now using Dogecoin to infiltrate computers

Attackers are accessing APIs with DOGE wallets to mask their location.


The attackers targeted

targeted command and control (C2) servers for this attack. These are used to organize and control compromised systems within a target network and can include smartphones, PCs, and any other internet-connected device.


So why utilize this method?

Intezer said these steps meant security firms needed to access the hacker’s Dogecoin wallet to take down Doki, which was “impossible” without knowing the wallet’s private keys.


Using Dogecoin transactions

the attackers were able to change the C2 addresses on exposed computers that ran their Monero mining bots. This allowed them to continually change their (online) location, which in turn allowed them to run the attack without getting caught by law enforcement.


And it seems to have worked

well so far. Intezer said Doki has been active since this January, but remained undetected on all 60 “VirusTotal” scanning software used on Linux servers.


The attack is still active as of today

Intezer Labs noted that over the last several months, docker servers have been increasingly targeted by malware operators, and “especially by crypto-mining gangs.”


A way to prevent intrusion

A way to prevent exposure to the Ngrok botnet is to ensure that critical application process interfaces (APIs) are not connected to the internet

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